Sleepwalking Aids

Over 8 million people in US, young and old, sleepwalk.   It can put themselves and others at risk.  You options include avoiding known triggers for sleepwalking and devices that can help prevent nightime wandering.

Sleepwalking prevention

A) Gates:

How it works:  physical barrier

What to think about:  may work best with younger kids

B) Door alarms

How it works:  makes a noise if bedroom door is opened

What to think about:
– will only alert if sleepwalker attempts to open door and leave room
– may be too loud for some depending on the device
– alert may wake up everyone
– door has to be closed or at least partially closed

C) Door safety locks

How it works:  prevents inward swinging exterior or basement door from opening

What to think about:
– will not work for bedroom door
– requires install

D) Floor mat alarms

How it works:  alarm triggers when sleepwalker gets out of bed and steps on mat

What to think about:
– alert may wake up everyone
– monitor is connected to mat with cord and placed nearby
– battery-operated
– some devices are always on

E) Motion sensors

How it works:  detects movement and sounds an alert

What to think about:
– alert may wake up everyone
– must be carefully placed to prevent false alerts from movement in bed
– battery changes required

Last updated: 1/23/2024

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