Sleep Aids for Jet Lag

Traveling by air is more popular than ever before, but rapidly crossing 3 or more time zones can upset the body’s normal 24-hour clock and cause jet lag.  Sleeping pills are convenient, but come with definite downsides.

There are a variety of remedies that can help with jet lag symptoms and getting your sleep-wake clock reset to local time at your travel destination.

Light therapy devices

Sunlight signals the body through the eyes to stop making hormones and chemicals involved with sleep.

Light therapy devices are designed to mimic natural daylight and stimulate wakefulness.  Used at the right the time, they can help the body reset its sleep-wake clock to local time.

A) Portable light therapy boxes

B) Light therapy glasses

Portable white noise machines

Jet lag phone apps

Online you can now find a variety of smart phone apps designed to help you manage jet lag symptoms and reset your body’s sleep-wake clock to your destination time zone.



Android (free): 4.6 rating

iphone (free): 4.6 rating

This app helps you create a personalized jet lag plan based on your sleep patterns and trip iternary.



Android (free): 4.0 rating

iphone (free): 4.6 rating

This app uses self-acupressure to help you reset your body clock.

Jet lag books

Last updated: 1/25/2024

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