Bedroom Aids:

Improve Your Sleep Environment

  1. Ear plugs: block nuissance noises
Noises in the bedroom can keep you from falling to sleep and disrupt sleep during the night.  Ear plugs can help you deal with snoring and other late-night nuissances.

Drift to Sleep Ear Plugs Moldex

NRA rating: 33 decibels

Alternative to silicone, made from light weight foam

Alpine SleepSoft

NRA rating: 25 decibels

Soft filters designed for side sleepers
  1. Masks: block nuissance light
Exposure to light can keep you from falling asleep, affect your sleep quality during the night, and result in premature wake ups.  Eye masks can make a big difference.
  1. White noise machines: mask background sounds
White noise is an alternative to ear plugs.  It’s an old trick to help mask noises that may keep you awake and disrupt your sleep during the night.

If you want something more sophisticate and convenient than a household fan, you may want to try a white noise machine.

Low cost, light weight enough (1lb) to take on the road

Adaptive Sound Technology that listens and adapts to your environment

  1. Bedding

A hypoallergenic pillow designed for comfort which can also help relieve pressure and pain.  May also help with snoring and sleep apnea.

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Last updated: 1/21/2024

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