Phone Apps

  1. Track and Optimize Your Sleep

Sleep Cycle

Android:  4.5 rating

iPhone:  4+ rating

Uses sound analysis to identify your sleep patterns by tracking movements in bed, wakes you up at the right time.

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Android:  4.1 rating

iPhone:  4+ rating

Tracks and analyzes your movement during the night, graphs your sleep patterns, and learns to wake you up at the right time

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Sleep Bot

iPhone:  4+ rating

Sleep tracker, smart alarm, and ambient sound machine

More about Sleep Bot

  1. Hypnosis & Meditation

Relax & Sleep Well Hypnosis

Android (free): 4.2 rating

iPhone (free): 4+ rating

Windows (free): 4 rating

A hypnosis and meditation app by best-selling self-help audio author Glenn Harrold, includes 4 free hypnosis and meditation recordings.

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Sleep Well Hypnosis

Android (free): 4.0 rating

iPhone (free): 4+ rating

Uses hypnosis and calming sounds to help reduce anxious thoughts and promote deeper sleep.

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  1. Music & Nature Sounds

Sleepmaker Rain

iPhone (free): 4+ rating

Live recordings of rain to help you fall asleep.

  1. White Noise

White Noise Free

Android: 4.4 rating

iPhone: 4+ rating

Features a sound catalog of ambient sounds of the environment to help you relax during the day and sleep great at night.

Noisli (Free)

Android: 4.3 rating

iPhone: 4+ rating

Background noise and color generator to produce ambient sounds to help relieve anxiety and relax before going to sleep.

Bed Time Fan

Android (free):  4.5 rating

iPhone:  4+ rating

Adjustable fan sounds to help you get to sleep.

5. Protect from Blue Light

Studies have shown that exposure to blue light in the evening can interfere with your normal sleep cycle and keep you awake.

If you have to use your smart phone after sunset, these apps may help reduce your exposure to blue light.


Android (free): 4.6 rating

6. Jet Lag Remedies

Jet lag occurs when you travel across time zones and your body’s biological clock is not in sync with local time.

Various phone apps have been developed to help you manage jet lag symptoms and to help you rest your body clock to your destination time zone.



Android (free): 4.6 rating

iPhone (free): 4.6 rating



Android (free): 4.0 rating

iPhone (free): 4.6 rating

Note: uses self-acupressure to reset body clock

6.  Sleep Counseling


Sleep Easy:  Insomnia Therapy

iPhone:  4+ rating

A 14-day core program based on a clinically tested method and access to resources on specific sleep issues.


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