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In the US alone, 50 – 70 million adults have a sleep disorder.  Most individuals go undiagnosed and untreated.

There has been great progress in sleep medicine during the past decades.  Today there’s lots of resources to help you tackle your sleep issues.

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Sleep Online Forums

Similar to in-person support groups, online forums are another place to share experiences, exchange tips, get valuable information, and mutual support – all from the convenience of your home!

While they lack the in-person experience of a traditional support group, these forums can be accessed any time day or night from home or using your smart phone.

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Sleep Support Groups

Support groups can be helpful for dealing with sleeping disorders, especially if your situation is severe.

It’s a place to meet other insomnia sufferers and get emotional support. You can share experiences, exchange tips, and get valuable information about your sleep issues.

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Sleep Disorder Centers

Sleep specialists are health professionals who are skilled at evaluating and treating sleep disorders.  Learn how to find an accredited sleep disorder center or dental sleep medicine facility near you.

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Free or low-cost options

Strapped for cash or out of work?  Don’t let this keep you from doing something about your sleep issues.

In addition to the other resources listed on this page (sleep support groups and forums), here you will find free or low-cost options for diagnosis and treatment.

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Sleep Organizations

The websites of sleep organizations are a great place to go for more in-depth information about sleep specialists, specific sleep disorders, and sleep related events.

There’s a wide variety of sleep organizations doing great work for patient support, advocacy, and promoting sleep research.

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